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Hunger games: catching fire

Katniss is recovering from the previous book’s events, where she and Peeta won the Hunger Games. Everything at home in District 12 has changed, including Katniss’ relationship with Gale. She and Peeta still have to pretend they’re an item, although her feelings for Gale are totally unresolved. Before Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch leave town for…
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Hunger games

n a place once known as North America, now known as Panem, is a very rich City surrounded by twelve Districts. Every year because this very rich City, known as The Capitol, is so rich and likes to think they control all the Districts – which they do – there is something known as The…
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animal farm

Humans…. the scourge of society, not only today but also in the gone – by era of yesterday. Torturin’ , Enslavin’ and Destroyin” the lives of innocent, friendly animals these humans thought nothing would happen to them. until one day it did… Animal farm is a story about regular farm animals that decided they couldnt…
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get me out of here

After sixth grade, the very worst year of his life, Rafe Khatchadorian thinks he has it made in seventh grade. He’s been accepted to art school in the big city and imagines a math-and-history-free fun zone. Wrong! It’s more competitive than Rafe ever expected, and to score big in class, he needs to find a…
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my brother is a big fat liar

Georgia Khatchadorian plans to excel at Hills Village Middle School in all the places her troublemaking brother failed. She’s even bet him that she’ll quickly become one of the most popular girls in school. But Rafe left a big mark at HVMS, and no one will give Georgia a chance! Even worse, Rafe has sneakily…
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toro toro

TORO,TORO is the story of a young boy growing up in Andalucia, Spain, on a farm rearing bulls for the bull ring. Antonito hand rears a little black calf and they become firm friends, but the boy doesn’t yet understand the fate of the black bulls – the corrida and death. Later, when he learns…
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treasure hunters

DANGER DOWN THE NILE is the second book in a fast-paced series about siblings in a treasure-hunting family searching for their parents; their mother has been kidnapped, and their father was lost after a storm and may have drowned. Narrated by the younger son, Bick (and illustrated by his twin sister, Beck), the story follows…
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