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I am Rishab Bulusu, a student of class 9 at Manthan International School, Hyderabad, India. “Rishnav” is a platform to inculcate and encourage the habit of book-reading in kids, mostly focused in the 5-15 year age-group. 
Many schools ideated various models to encourage book reading in kids. With the growing influence of the internet in our generation, I felt that combining book reading with the online experience would help kids encourage the habit of reading while exploring the online world. Rishnav is a platform that lets children express thoughts, write reviews and opinions on their favourite books. What makes it more interesting is that they get to share their reviews with their friends and read reviews of books that their friends post reviews of. It has its own scoring system in which students can compete on obtaining the leader spot in the leaderboard, this lets children not give up on reading books and writing reviews . Rishnav also has a teacher interface that lets the teachers overlook, review and grade their students’ work. A leaderboard keeps encouraging kids to read more books, write reviews and review their friends’ write-ups.

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