The lost Hero

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The lost Hero

This fantastic book, The Lost Hero (a spin-off of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series) has got to be one of the most thrilling I have ever read. It’s filled with action, adventure, a touch of romance, fantasy, Greek and some Roman mythology, and, well … more action. The Lost Hero is about a young boy, Jason, and his friends, Leo and Piper, who learn that they are demigods (aka the god’s children) and go to stay at the mysterious Camp Half-Blood.

The story begins when Jason wakes up on a bus full of kids on a field trip. He doesn’t remember a thing and finds himself holding the hand of a pretty girl about his age who he doesn’t remember knowing. She says her name is Piper and that she is Jason’s girlfriend. Who are these people? Where is Jason? And what in the world is going on? Find out in the book The Lost Hero.



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