the last 13 book 12

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the last 13 book 12

Sam is lucky to have escaped the clutches of Solaris, and live to tell the story. Sam is part of a group of Dreamers, simply known as The Last Thirteen. He experiences vivid nightmares that are a window to the future, sending Sam and those from The Academy on the adventure to save the world. After The Academy’s aircraft was hit with a missile, Sam faced off with the evil Solaris for The Star of Egypt, and now finds himself on the way to the ancient pendants homeland along with friend Xavier. His dream having shown Sam what is to come by visiting the ancient city, but when he and Xavier wake up on top of a pyramid, with the Star of Egypt in two halves, little does Sam release that his adventure has just begun.

Former teacher Tobias and Alex are missing, and fellow Dreamer Eva and minder Lora are being chased by Enterprise agents. But it’s their fellow Guardians that they need to be weary of, now that the race for find the Last Thirteen has begun. Tobias isn’t considered just to be missing, The Academy believe that he may be part of a bigger conspiracy, but Sam knows the gentle man who kept him safe before his destiny was known, could never be the traitor that they believe he is.

Alex was at the scene of the accident, but miraculously survives and taken to the hospital where he is intercepted by Enterprise agents. The rival Enterprise want to capture as many of the Last Thirteen as possible. In the past, they’ve collected the DNA of leading Dreamers in order to create a new generation. But in order to capture the Dreamers, they need Sam, so why are they offering Alex the opportunity of a lifetime?

The Star Of Egypt is more than just a pendant, it’s a vessel that carries a secret that only Italian pop superstar Gabriella can unlock. Gabriella is one of the remaining twelve dreamers, and Sam will need to pose as a celebrity reporter to have access to the high profile star.He has only a few moments to convince Gabriella that her dreams are part of a prophecy and she is part of a group that are destined to help save the world. But Sam’s mission is easier than he thought, as Gabriella is already expecting him. Together they must race across Italy and follow the clues from Gabriella’s dream in search of a book which may, or may not exist. But as they near their target, the fire threatening to engulf them can only mean one thing… Solaris. But with only eleven Dreamers left to find, will Sam escape Solaris this time?

The Last Thirteen series is brilliant for tweens and young teens. It’s funny, adventurous and Sam is a brilliant young character. Sam began the series as a normal teen, but quickly discovers that the nightmares that are plaguing his sleep, are visions of the future. Sam’s parents are secret agents that aren’t actually his parents. He’s taken from school, kidnapped and now works for The Academy, an agency that helps nurture Dreamers such as himself. Thirteen Dreamers are said to save the world, against Solaris, and Sam is the key to finding the remaining twelve players.

I love these short, fun and adventurous books in between my favored dystopians and series reads. They are lighthearted and are brilliantly written for young readers. This is book two of the thirteen part series, so grab the first two and start collecting. For your children, a friend, family member, and grab an extra for yourself. You won’t regret it.



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